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Why Legal MKTG as your social media agency?

Any law firm or lawyer in the legal industry needs an active presence on social media channels. Legal MKTG is Ontario’s premier law firm focused marketing agency enabling you to attract clients by enhancing your social channels and highlighting your business by connecting your brand to your target audience. From creating relevant strategies to publishing the content, we look forward to creating a unique brand identity and provide results, you can measure, improve, and ultimately take to the bank.

Customized Social Media Strategy for Law Firms

By developing social media strategies for Toronto law firms that blend content and technology, law firms can drive community conversations and increase traffic, links, search engine rankings, and brand awareness. Today, people spend hours on Facebook and Instagram and come across many brands and companies that help foster positive behavior and attitudes towards law firms. Social analytics provide valuable data to your law firm and target customers to help you develop long-term business strategies.

What we offer?

Brand Management

Maintaining brand voice is crucial when delivering consistent messaging. Legal MKTG ensures content is tailored to legal industry standards and to your law firm’s business objectives.

Engaging Content

Engaging social media content is an excellent strategy for relationship building as platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have a wider scope of audience. Thus, our expert law firm content writers can help you address your target audience.

Measurable Results

Any marketing initiative needs to be measured through analytics. It helps you to understand what adjustments needs to be made. We offer customized social media reports that can help you track success on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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