Why Your Law Firm Website Matters And What You Should Know!

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What is the first thing people do when they are looking for a lawyer or any service provider? They Google it. Or they check the company website. Now, this may come as a surprise to you but only 22% of the users find the company websites trustworthy. This means that if you are not putting your best foot forward on your website, you are losing out on potential customers. A user-friendly law firm website helps in establishing trust, makes it easy for visitors to understand your services and enables them to contact you directly. Let’s explore why your law firm website matters and what you should know to build one.

Why Does Your Law Firm Website Matter?

A law firm website can be the difference between one client and ten. It can also be the difference between one client and no clients at all. Think about it: when someone is looking for a lawyer, what do they do? They search for one, obviously. And the number one place where people go to start this search is Google. In fact, the average person will conduct two to three internet searches before deciding which attorney to hire. Most people will visit your website before calling you or scheduling an appointment. And with so much competition out there, you need to make sure that your website looks professional, is easy to navigate and displays the services you offer clearly.

Who visits your law firm website?

Your law firm website may get thousands of visitors every year. However, only a small percentage of those visitors will actually contact you. The majority will be just window shoppers who will go on to interact with other websites. They may even contact you, but they are unlikely to become clients. What kinds of people visit your website and why? They could be people looking for legal advice, resources, information on a specific legal issue, or to check out your credentials. Some of them could also be potential clients. Some of these visitors may be law enforcement officials checking up on your credentials, or they could be journalists looking for information. You never really know who will visit your website.

Why is a Good Law Firm Website Important?

Before you start putting together the design or layout of your law firm website, you first need to know what to keep in mind. Having a good law firm website is important for several reasons. First, it gives potential clients a glimpse into your world. A good website will show them what you do, how you do it, and how you can help them solve their problems. This can go a long way in diffusing concerns about hiring a lawyer, especially in the wake of a growing number of TV shows that feature dramatic court cases. First, it is important to note that not all law firms are the same. Your website can help clients understand the difference between a general practice law firm and other kinds of specialty firms that provide specific types of services. Second, your website is the first impression that most people get of your law firm. If it looks professional and has the basic information that people are looking for, they are more likely to trust you and hire you.

What to know when building a law firm website?

– Content matters: The first thing people see when they land on your website is the content. Make sure it is grammatically correct, easy to understand and compelling. Always write as if you are talking to a friend or a potential client. – Design matters: The design of your law firm website is important. You can choose from a variety of website design templates, or you can hire a designer to create something completely custom for you. – You are what you eat: The platform where you host your law firm website matters a lot. Since most people check the reputation of a website before hiring a service provider, you need a reliable and trustworthy platform where you can host and maintain your website.

3 Key Takeaways

First, your law firm website matters for many reasons. It gives potential clients a glimpse into your world, helps clients understand the difference between general and specialty firms, and is the first impression of your law firm. Secondly, the design of your law firm website is important. And you should always choose a reliable and trustworthy hosting platform. Finally, content matters. Always make sure that your website has useful and accurate information.

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