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Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. It’s no different for a law firm. And while marketing can be tricky, you don’t need to do it alone. If you’re looking to bring in a marketing consultant for your law firm, there are a few steps you should take before making that call:

Focus on Your Law Firm’s Specific Marketing Needs

To figure out what your law firm’s marketing goals are, you will need to know:

  • What you want to achieve
  • What you need to achieve
  • What you can afford to do yourself and what needs outside help (i.e., marketing consultants)
  • How much time and energy it will take for you or your staff to do this on their own

Identify Your Law Firm’s Marketing Objectives

Before you can begin to create a marketing plan, it is important to identify your law firm’s marketing objectives. Why? Because it will help you know what type of marketing activities are going to be most effective for achieving your goals.

To do this, consider the following questions:

  • What is my goal? Is it more about generating new clients or retaining existing ones? Do I want people to come into the office, or do I want them to call me on the phone? Once we establish what your objective is, we can determine which activities would best achieve those goals (i.e., social media platforms work well for generating new clients; newsletters work well for retaining existing ones).
  • How do I currently capture leads/clients at my firm? If someone wants information about our services or needs advice on their legal issues, where do they go in order learn more and connect with us? We may want them calling us directly instead of having them go through other channels like Google searches or Yelp reviews—which means our website needs some attention so that visitors can easily find all the information they need easily without having any difficulty navigating through multiple pages before reaching an actionable step like “Contact Us” button!

Find the Right Consultant For Your Law Firm

When looking for a marketing consultant for your law firm, look for someone with experience in the legal industry. Your consultant should also have experience in the geographic area you’re located and the type of law practice you’re engaged in.

A good way to find such consultants is through referrals from other attorneys and industry professionals whom you know. Ask them if they’d be willing to refer some people that they’ve worked with before who might be able to help your business succeed!

Review the Consultant’s Potential Solutions/Strategies

Once you’ve decided to move forward with a consultant, it’s important to consider a few things before signing a contract.

  • Review the Consultant’s Potential Solutions/Strategies

It’s time to get down to business. The first thing you should do is review the consultant’s potential solutions/strategies for your law firm. You want someone who will come up with creative ideas that help you achieve your goals and bring in more clients. Make sure they can provide an initial strategy session with any potential clients that may call or email in interest after their website has been designed and launched; this shows how much they care about helping people find your firm through their work!

Retain a Marketing Consultant for Your Law Firm

As a law firm, you need to make sure that the Marketing Consultant you retain has relevant experience in the legal field. They should be able to provide a plan of action that will help grow your business and increase revenue.

The consultant should also have a good reputation in the industry, as well as with their colleagues, clients and peers. The consultant should be able to demonstrate how they can improve upon your existing marketing strategies.

You want someone who can work with you on an ongoing basis so that they can build up trust between both parties involved in the project.

You should focus on your unique needs and objectives.

Before you begin the search for your law firm’s marketing consultant, it is important that you clearly identify your law firm’s unique needs and objectives. A good way to start this process is by asking yourself some questions:

  • What are the areas of my legal practice that require improvement?
  • What changes do I need to make in order to reach my overall business goals?
  • What resources do I have at my disposal right now?

Once you’ve identified these core aspects of your business, it will be easier for you determine what type of marketing consultant may be able to help with them. You can then review potential solutions/strategies with potential consultants before retaining one who has experience solving similar challenges within the legal industry.


In short, you should focus on your unique needs and objectives. Consulting with a professional marketing consultant can help you identify the best solution for your law firm. Review the consultant’s proposed solutions and strategies, then retain one who will work closely with you throughout the process to achieve results that meet your goals.

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