Email Marketing Tips for Law Firms

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Clear Goal

Lack of a strategic planning is the primary mistake people make when using law firm email marketing. They simply compile a massive email list of all of their contacts and send out irregular “general updates” whenever it seems appropriate.

It is quite improbable that this strategy will be successful. An email marketing strategy for any law firm in Toronto should begin with a clear objective in mind. Your legal email content will be less targeted and engaging for readers if you don’t have a specific concise plan. You won’t accomplish your objectives since your audience will eventually lose interest and either tune out or unsubscribe.

In the legal industry, law firm email marketing may be used to maintain contact with previous clients, convert prospects into clients, or accomplish other objectives depending on the campaign.

Keep emails brief and to the point.

When it comes to law firm email marketing, you need to avoid the tendency that some lawyers have to write at great length. The email marketing software provider Constant Contact found that emails with 20 lines of content have the highest click-through rates.

A user won’t likely read an email if it is eight paragraphs long and devoid of any photos or other material. Keep your emails brief and to the point, and whenever you can, attempt to add additional media assets, such as pictures or videos, to make the information more engaging.

If you have a lot to say, consider linking to a full article or blog post on your website and only including a little content in the email body. This helps to increase website traffic and is a great method to keep emails brief.

Select a reputable email marketing provider.

Sadly, not every email marketing provider is made equal. An excellent one should be trustworthy while also making it simple for you to write extremely interesting email content. It requires marketing automation so that it can send mass emails that are both targeted and personalized while also saving time. Additionally, it must be able to maintain your contact list, divide persons into categories, and deliver trustworthiness.


Considering how many emails arrive in everyone’s inbox every day, it’s simple for messages to be missed. Making content that people truly want should always be your aim with email marketing strategies.

Sounds easy enough, yet this is typically the most difficult step. Only 22.49 percent of emails in the legal sector are thought to be opened on average. How do you increase the number of readers who genuinely appreciate your material and eagerly await its arrival in their inbox? The ideal strategy is to concentrate on giving your email readers as much value as you can. You may accomplish this by using email nurturing programs.

What do nurturing campaigns do?

It is intended to grow your relationship with a possible customer. In your situation, you regularly email your readers about law firms or other legal topics. Additionally, nurturing programs offer readers consistent value.

Finally, our email marketing advice for law firms & lawyers in Toronto is to track your progress and make any changes. Most of the email marketing programs such as Constant Contact and Mailchimp, will provide you with some useful metrics straight out of the gate. For each of your campaigns, you should be examining two crucial metrics:

The proportion of receivers that opened the email is known as the open rate.

The percentage of recipients that opened the email and clicked a link inside is known as the “click through rate.” Why are these figures significant? Because they let you assess whether your aims have been achieved. Find out what types of material your audience is most interested in by monitoring your open rate and click-through rate.

If you are looking for law firm email marketing services, please schedule a consultation with us and we will help you.

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